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Municipality of Sfakia

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The Municipality of Sfakia on the south, east of Chania and has the headquarters Sfakia. This seaside and mountainous municipality, the northern part of which is located in the foothills of the White Mountains. Corresponds to the historic region of Sfakia. According to the 2011 census, the municipality has 1,889 inhabitants and a total area of 467,589 acres. The City remained unchanged with the program Kallikratis.

The municipality comprises nine districts:

  • Community Sfakia, in Sfakia, the Vritomaris, and Komitades
  • Community Agia Roumeli to Agia Roumeli and the old St. Roumeli
  • the Community of St. John with St. John and Aradaina
  • Community Anopoleos with Anopoli the Lioaniana and bath,
  • Community Askyfou, with Ammoudari the corners, frames, and Peter,
  • Community Asfendou, with Asfendou, Agios Nektarios, the speechlessness and Nomikiana,
  • Community Imbros by Ibro and Vraska,
  • Community Patsianos, with Patsianos, Callicrates the Kapsodasos and Fragocastello
  • and Community Skaloti by Skaloti and Argoules.
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